about us

It’s hard to believe, but some politicians are taking away lanes from the streets YOU DRIVE. They're pursuing an anti-car agenda without thinking through the realities or the consequences. They’re creating even more gridlock, smog, unsafe conditions and stress. They’re hurting businesses, keeping people from their jobs and families… and all because they don’t want you driving your car. 

And even worse, they're misappropriating Measure M money to do it -- money that was specifically intended for fixing roads and transit infrastructure.

KeepLAMoving is a coalition of neighborhoods standing up to the insanity. Angelenos need logistically viable regional transit options, safe bike routes on non-arterial streets, and roads that work. We don't all have the privilege of living within walking or biking distance to our jobs. Nor do most of us have the luxury of being chauffeured -- at taxpayer expense -- around the city like the City Councilmembers who are taking the lanes away. Until the politicians figure that out, like it or not, we'll still need our cars.