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Mayor Garcetti,

Arterial road diets are bad for L.A. They’re killing local businesses and damaging communities. They're pushing traffic off of the boulevards and onto neighborhood streets. They're causing accidents, slowing emergency response, and making commutes nearly impossible. They're even creating traps for people caught in natural disasters. And yet you think such lane removals should be rolled out all over L.A.

You haven’t figured out how to provide decent transit alternatives, yet you think people should just give up driving? That’s not leadership. That’s not vision.

[Add anecdotes about the cost to you, personally, here.]

Why pretend this is about safety? Road Diets aren't supposed to be used to punish commuters or divert traffic. Return the lanes now, and use common sense and good engineering principles to make the roads safer and more efficient. Create a grid of safe bikeways on non-arterial streets so cyclists can safely commute. Enforce the speed limits. And listen to your constituents.

In your eagerness to push cars off of the road, you’ve forgotten the people inside of those cars. You’ve forgotten that we still have to get to our jobs and back home to our families. 

You’ve forgotten that we vote.


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