Today Ted Rogers, who runs the blog BikinginLA, is organizing a "Crash City Hall" campaign to demand that the LA City Council take action to make our streets safer. (

Please join in the "Crash City Hall" effort because WE AGREE WITH BIKINGINLA that Los Angeles streets are dangerous,  it's time for the City Council to actually make our streets safer.

Since the LADOT began remaking our streets under Vision Zero, with a goal of eliminating all traffic deaths, pedestrians deaths have increased by a shocking 80%! 

Clearly something isn't working with their approach. 

We want the LADOT to heed the advice put forth by Councilman Ryu and Krekorian who presented a motion at the Transportation Committee asking the LADOT to ANALYZE historical accidents which lead to injuries and then implement safety improvements that actually address the causes of these accidents.  That original proposal was gutted by the Transportation Committee who passed a watered down version which maintains the status quo.  The LADOT's reliance on road diets as a "magic bullet" to solve all problems isn't making our streets safer for anyone.

LA has many streets that are not arterial boulevards that are great options for the installation of bike paths. Placing bike paths on the non-arterial roads is a safer option for cyclists (especially inexperienced ones) and provides less exposure to exhaust fumes. Let's keep the commuter traffic on the boulevards and off the residential roads. This way we have safer streets for everyone while encouraging the use of active transportation.

So as we take part and "Crash City Hall" we demand that the City Council step back and really look at what the LADOT has done in the past two years and determine what is working and what isn't, rather than continue to push forward with the same failed plan.

1) Actually review historical accident data
2) Determine the circumstances and causes of accidents and injuries
3) Implement changes that address these causes

Please click on the link below to send a pre-written letter to Mayor Garcetti and all members of the LA City Council and let them know YOU demand safe streets, not road diets on our arterial boulevards!  When you click on "Start Writing" button you'll find the letter at the bottom right of the page.

If you agree with what we've written click "Send Letter" to have your letter sent and your voice heard by the LA City Council.