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Welcome to the brand new, fat free, low carb, sustainable, reusable, recyclable KeepLAMoving Blog! We realize you have many blogs to choose from, and we thank you for stopping by ours. 

In the coming weeks and months the KeepLAMoving blog will bring you the latest news, facts, and data about streets and gridlock in the City of Angels, and what you can to do fight back in your community. We and our affiliated groups already have a track record of successes

And we’re just getting warmed up. 

Everyone knows L.A. traffic is getting worse. Much, much worse. The question is why. Why, in an era of ride sharing, scooters, dockless bicycles, motorized skateboards, and whatever the heck these things are, do we find ourselves literally in the world’s worst traffic

We here at KeepLAMoving believe we’ve found some of the most important likely culprits: Vision Zero, Complete Streets, traffic calming, and most insidiously, road diets. All are slightly different versions of the same official policy that wants to push us out of our cars and onto – well, anything but cars. These are policies that replace traffic lanes with bike lanes, curb extensions (aka bulb outs) and other features that supposedly promote alternative modes of getting around.

 To be clear: WE LOVE BIKES. Our co-founder was a competitive cyclist in college and many of us enjoy recreational cycling. We love walking, too. We’re avid urban explorers. We’re also parents, family members and employees, and we care deeply about the world our children will inherit.

 For all these reasons, we want L.A. to be the most cycle and pedestrian friendly city it can possibly be.  And there’s the key: possibility. The KeepLAMoving blog will explore and promote solutions that benefit all users of our roads and public spaces.

 Advocates point to cities like Amsterdam and Stockholm as models for the City of Angels. If only we’d follow their examples (Vision Zero originated in Stockholm) we’d eliminate traffic fatalities, save the planet, and win first place on America Idol. 

Here’s the thing: Amsterdam is a city of 825,000 covering roughly 85 square miles. Stockholm has 920,000 people in 73 square miles. In contrast, L.A. has more than 4,000,000 people and covers 503 square miles. Los Angeles County has 8,000,000 spread across nearly 5,000 square miles. What works in small, dense European capitals doesn’t automatically translate to one of the world’s biggest megalopolises. No one’s commuting from Azusa to downtown on a ten-speed. We need common sense to have a seat at the table again. 

We hope you’ll be with us on our journey to save our streets, and our communities, from the 1% of activists and politicians who’ve taken it upon themselves to radically transform the ways in which we live, get around, and work. We hope you’ll consider a donation to help us get the word out, or even volunteering with us. We promise to present you nothing but facts and data. You won’t find fake news or truthiness on our blog. We want to earn your trust.

 Because in the end, we’re fighting for YOU.

 Yours in transit,